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Hymns by number / Lieder nach Nummern: 1251 - 1300

The following hymns have, where necessary, been revised and given their permanent numbers.
Folgende Lieder wurden, wo nötig, bereits revidiert und mit endgültigen Nummern versehen.

l 1251 - 1260 l 1261 - 1270 l 1271 - 1280 l 1281 - 1290 l 1291 - 1300 l

1251 - 1260
1251. Keep us, Lord, O keep us ever! (Kelly)
1252. When two or three together meet (Kelly)
1253. Joyful be the hours today (Kelly)
1254. Sing of Jesus, sing for ever (Kelly)
1255. How blessed and how bright the day (Kelly)
1256. Lord, dissolve my frozen heart (Kelly)
1257. Praise the Saviour, ye who know him (Kelly)
1258. Hark, ten thousand harps and voices (Kelly)
1259. Hark! ten thousand voices cry (Kelly)
1260. Stricken, smitten, and afflicted (Kelly)
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1261 - 1270
1261. Jesus drains the cup of sorrows (Kelly)
1262. If Jesus rose not from the grave (Kelly)
1263. Fly, ye seasons, fly still faster (Kelly)
1264. Homeward bound, the way is dreary (Kelly)
1265. "Who is this that calms the ocean?" (Kelly)
1266. To him who reigns in heaven above (Kelly)
1267. Sing of him, the Lord, who (Kelly)
1268. "Praise the Lord," 'tis meet we should (Kelly)
1269. To God our Saviour and our King (Kelly)
1270. Glad I was today (Kelly)
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1271 - 1280
1271. Saviour, work in us thy pleasure (Kelly)
1272. Never leave us nor forsake us (Kelly)
1273. Let God arise (Kelly)
1274. The Lord is my strength (Kelly)
1275. I have sinned, but thou hast suffered (Kelly)
1276. Mighty is the arm that saves us (Kelly)
1277. The privilege I greatly prize (Kelly)
1278. Sweet is the savour of his name (Kelly)
1279. 'Twas a foolish thing to say (Kelly)
1280. Going home, and going quickly (Kelly)
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1281 - 1290
1281. O how good and pleasant (Kelly)
1282. Broken was his body; broken (Kelly)
1283. "The cup of salvation", the cup that we drink of (Kelly)
1284. In form I long had bowed the knee (Kelly)
1285. Praise will I unto thee - Psalm 9 (Bonar)
1286. "God is love," his word has said it (Kelly)
1287. The Lord is my help and my shield (Kelly)
1288. Yes, a call there is (Kelly)
1289. "Thy way, O Lord, is in the sea" (Kelly)
1290. In this world of sorrow (Kelly)
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1291 - 1300
1291. A clearer view of things unseen (Kelly)
1292. The demon, Lord, expel (Kelly)
1293. Much there is to try us here (Kelly)
1294. I know I should be wholly his (Kelly)
1295. Say, why art thou cast down, my soul? (Kelly)
1296. None to help us, no, not one (Kelly)
1297. Saviour, send us help from heaven (Kelly)
1298. Now we sow in tears (Kelly)
1299. Wherever our Master may call us (Kelly)
1300. Saviour, we have seen thy goings (Kelly)
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