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Hymns by number / Lieder nach Nummern: 801 - 850

Hymns with colured links have been given their permanent numbers, hymns with gray links haven't been yet.
Lieder mit farbigen Links wurden bereits mit endgültigen Nummern versehen, Lieder mit grauen Links noch nicht.

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801 - 810
801. Glorious and solemn hour - The border of his sanctuary (Bevan)
802. Jesus, the One unchanging - A song (Bevan)
803. From the glory and the gladness - The gospel according to Paul (Bevan)
804. 'Midst the darkness, storm and sorrow - The Bride (Bevan)
805. I was journeying in the noontide - Beyond the brightness of the sun (Bevan)
806. The land! the glory of all lands - Emmanuel's land (Bevan)
807. He found me the lost and the wandering - It is finished (Bevan)
808. In the distant land of famine - My welcome (Bevan)
809. Wherefore goest thou with me? - A Light to lighten the gentiles (Bevan)
810. From the Rock that God has riven - The river of God (Bevan)
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811 - 820
811. In the depths of his bright glory - The secret of the Lord (Bevan)
812. Tale of tenderness unfathomed - The pearl (Bevan)
813. One place I have in heaven above - The hidden path (Bevan)
814. Rich, our God, art thou in mercy - Brought nigh (Bevan)
815. Thou sweet beloved Will of God - The Will of God (Tersteegen/Bevan)
816. Meine Seele senket sich - In des liebsten Vaters Schoß (Winkler)
Wearily my spirit sinketh - The Everlasting Arms (Winkler/Bevan)
817. Jesus, Lord, in whom the Father - More than Heaven (Bevan)
818. Der Tag ist hin; mein Geist und Sinn - Abenddämmerung (Freylinghausen))
The day is gone – my soul looks on - Twilight (Freylinghausen/Bevan)
819. Jesus nimmt die Sünder an - Der Freund der Sünder (Neumeister))
Sinners Jesus will receive - The welcome (Neumeister/Bevan)
820. Jerusalem, du hochgebaute Stadt - Vorschmack des Himmels (Meyfart)
Jerusalem! thou glorious City-height - The City that hath foundations (Meyfart/Bevan)
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821 - 830
821. We are come unto Mount Zion - Arrived (Bevan)
822. Souls of men! why will ye scatter - Come to Jesus (Faber)
823. O glad the wilderness for me - The blessed country (Bevan)
824. Sweet to trace his toiling footsteps - The great High Priest (Bevan)
825. One with Christ – within the golden City - The end of the journey Priest (Bevan)
826. Who are these whose faces are irradiate - Citizens of Heaven (Bevan)
827. It ends – the vigil of high festival - The last watch of the night (Bevan)
828. There sounds a glorious music - The song of Christ (Bevan)
829. Art thou weary, sad, and lonely - The last knock (Bevan)
830. From the brightness of the glory - The Evangelist (Bevan)
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831 - 840
831. O path which no eagle knoweth - Thy footsteps are not known (Bevan)
832. I go on my way rejoicing - The vessel of wrought gold (Bevan)
833. Glorious River of God's pleasures - Rivers in the desert (Bevan)
834. My Beloved, from earth's many voices - The inner chamber (Bevan)
835. Thou knewest not where to lay thy head - His dwelling-place (Bevan)
836. We slept – a sleep of death, and yet of dreams - Sleeping and waking (Bevan)
837. A homeless Stranger amongst us came - Bands of love (Bevan)
838. Who are these who come amongst us - Ambassadors for Christ (Bevan)
839. For him the wilderness did not sing - The Outcast (Bevan)
840. At the Lord's right hand there are pleasures - The divine love (Bevan)
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841 - 850
841. In God, your God, be strong - Be strong (Bonar)
842. Thinner and thinner grows the veil - Beyond the mists (Bonar)
843. Thy yoke! All other yokes are hard - The yoke of the true Master (Bonar)
844. My tempted soul, arise and fight! - Toward the mark (Bonar)
845. In the death of Christ I die - Who is he that condemneth? (Bonar)
846. Out in the dew and cold he stands - The drops of the night (Bonar)
847. Hem of the seamless robe - The seamless raiment (Bonar)
848. Giver of rest! - Human weariness and divine rest (Bonar)
849. We yield to death; the fight is lost - The last enemy (Bonar)
850. To my beloved ones my steps are moving - Homeward (Bonar)
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