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Hymn score of: Jesus! gentle Sufferer, say (John S. B. Monsell/Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Christ My Song - 396

Jesus! gentle Sufferer, say (John S. B. Monsell/
Johannes Thomas Rüegg)

Jesus! gentle Sufferer, say.

1. Jesus! gentle Sufferer, say,
  how shall we this dreadful day
    near thee draw, and to thee pray?

2. We, whose proneness to forget
  thy dear love, on Olivet
    bathed thy brow with bloody sweat;

3. we, whose sins, with awful power,
  like a cloud did o'er thee lower,
    in that God-excluding hour;

4. we, who still, in thought and deed,
  often hold the bitter reed
    to thee, in the time of need, –

5. canst thou pardon us, and pray,
  as for those who on this day
    took thy precious life away?

6. Yes! Thy blood is all my plea;
  it was shed, and shed for me,
    therefore to thy cross I flee.

7. At thy feet, in dust and shame,
  I dare breathe thy holy name,
    and a great salvation claim.

8. Save me, Jesus: stoop and take
  pity on my soul, and make
    this day bright, for thy dear sake.

John S. B. Monsell, in: Schaff, Philip: Christ in Song, 1870, 170-171.

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